What You are Worth to me

You are worth billions upon trillions, but so much more than that. You are worth infinitely more than all the wealth and potential of the universe. Your value can not be established; it can only be approximated, represented, symbolized… A vague idea of your worth might be established by cubing the uncountable worth of all the precious metals and rare gems of which a million galaxies in a billion universes are comprised.

Are these only words to your ears, or do you know it?

If you but express freely a tiny portion of the value you represent within this universe, a miniscule drop of your essence distilled, a grateful world would clamor to return your gracious gift to you in kind, not only with words of heart-felt appreciation, but with countless monetary units by which they symbolize the greatness they receive from you.

Do you believe it, or are you a victim of your own false humility, and circumstance of your own choosing?

But whatever you offer, whether thoughts or service; it must come not from your head and brain, nor from some mysterious place unknown, but from your real heart. I refer to both your physical, tangible heart, and the consciousness that lies there within, from which springs genuine, creative thought, full of life, love, and liberty, and represents unbounded potential to bring about your dreams, and to bring your family and friends along with you.

Solomon instructs us to guard our hearts diligently, because from our heart issues the very energy of life.

Shall we not take him at his word?

Therefore, share freely all you are, but do so from the heart, full of vitality, creativity, and understanding, and you SHALL be rewarded to the same degree.